Is Path-Away for skin and mucous membranes?

Yes (See the Testing Results)

Is Path-Away approved by the EPA?

Path-Away is exactly as advertised and is so safe in fact, it is exempt from registration!

Does Path-Away discolor carpets, fabrics, and clothes?


Does Path-Away buildup on flat surfaces?


Do I have to supplement Path-Away with other surface disinfectants?


Is there any Alcohol or Chemical Additives or Irritants in Path-Away?


Will Path-Away kill viruses on skin and mucous membrane surfaces?


What size Path-Away Particle is Airborne?

8 to 15 Microns

How much Path-Away product will each M3 Unit (Patent Pending) use monthly?

2 Gallons or Less

How long from order to install?

2 Weeks or Less

What is the cost to install each M3 Unit (Patent Pending)?

$350 USD (Anywhere in the US)

How long does it take Path-Away to work?

On Contact (see Lab Data Results).

Is Path-Away Toxic?

No – All ingredients FDA GRAS Listed

Can I spray the Path-Away personal use product in my mouth?


What is the half-life of Path-Away?

7 Years

Is Path-Away sprayed on Food?

Yes. In fact, if you ate Turkey or Chicken in the last four years it is highly likely you ate a Turkey or Chicken that had feedstock treated with Path-Away along with the Chicken or Turkey itself. One poultry producer using Path-Away vs. other Toxic pathogen products in Iowa provided more than three million Turkeys last year alone.

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