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Transmissibility. Infectious agents have discrete size ranges. COVID-19 is in fact highly infectious. As a virus it is in the ~0.02-0.30 μm size range. That makes it gravimetrically light and allows it to stay in suspension in air for a good period of time. Their size changes as they are aerosolized and exposed to environmental factors RH, temperature) that favor desiccation or hygroscopicity. With rapid desiccation, the resultant smaller aerosols can remain airborne longer.

Particle size and shape determine the behavior of the agent suspended in air. Airborne particles, regardless of size or shape are referred to in terms of their equivalent (or aerodynamic) diameter. Particle bulk density is important relative to gravitational settling velocity. Generally, it is considered that particles up to 100 μm in diameter are capable of remaining airborne long enough to be observed or measured as aerosols and hence able to transmit infectious agents. Droplet aerosols <100 μm can remain suspended for prolonged periods of time because typical room air velocities exceed the terminal settling velocities of the particles. COVID-19, with a size range of 0.02-0.30 μm fits the profile of an airborne transmitted pathogen perfectly.

The Solution. With SARS-COV-2 vaccines 18 months away in a best-case scenario we are left with stopping COVID – 19 BEFORE it reaches the exposure pathways and provide a KILL barrier on the exposure pathways in the event the virus does reach the exposure pathways.

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